Panerai how in the end? An article for you to read Panerai!

Perhaps some friends will have different views, but Panerai watch fans has also been very much, their favorite and pursuit of Panerai no less than other watch fans for their favorite brand of love and love. The Panerai may also have a lot of stories to talk about today, this one is the content of cousin for their previous views on the Panerai a grooming and summarize, and to share with you, but also help to deepen our understanding . Moreover, recently received a lot of readers sent to further understand the request of Panerai, because there is no time to reply one by one, this content can be considered to give you an explanation. In this case, Shape tough, high recognition of Panerai First, about history Panerai was the Swiss watch factory dealers Panerai Italian headquarters in front of the watch factory that "Swiss watch shop" signs come from, because the early Panerai Patek Philippe was the company, Rolex and other Swiss watch factory dealers, so the door sign that is linked to tell you here Form is a shop, but also a watch shop Monopoly watch the Swiss. This is not difficult to understand, because Panerai has long been focused on military-related precision instruments and production and research and development, in these major business, the Panerai also opened up the Swiss watch distribution business, the relevant literature had this In 1934, Giuseppe and Maria inherited the father of Guido Panerai. Maria is responsible for operating "Orologeria Svizzera" watch workshop, Gisai is to continue with the Italian Royal Navy cooperation. It can also be seen, Panerai and some Swiss watch factory is also very close, such as the early Panerai for the Italian military production of the first military watch (also Panerai production of the first watch) to Has used the production of Rolex automatic winding movement. Later, Li Feng Group is also included in the Panerai began to transform the production of civilian watches, but it is already a thing after 1993, and the history of the piece of brand has a far cry from. In this case, Look at the sign on the right side of the glass. Panerai long-term is purely military enterprises If Panerai is not a purely military enterprise, but also has a strong civilian timepiece products, then there is no need to advertise in front of others to their own, and take care of their own brand is certainly a priority. As already mentioned, Panerai companies by the military to civil transformation and has been incorporated into the Li Feng Group is already after 1993 things. But Panerai was founded in 1860, before so long has been focused on military production, and many are and wrist-related equipment or equipment, such as flashlight, wrist compass and wrist depth measurement, and even more than the supply of the Italian navy, but also Supply Egypt and other foreign military. During the Panerai has named the Radiomir and Luminor night vision materials, and now these two names have become the Panerai civil transition after the name of the classic series. So in addition to the unique crown of the bridge as the representative of the tough shape, the advantages of night vision has been Panerai's expertise. Of course, as a purely military watch factory, to the extent permitted by law, by the way to do some industry-related overseas watch business, is understandable. And still put that sign on that number also shows Panerai respect for the past or history, because do not forget Patek Philippe and Rolex are Li Feng Group competitors, and even some of their products is Panerai Competitors. In this case, Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00441 watch, this is a very "Panerai" Panerai, automatic mechanical movement, case with ceramic material, clasp is titanium, with date display, dual time zone, power Reserve display and other functions, back through the watch diameter 44 mm, 100 meters waterproof. Second, on the movement Self-produced movement is important? A French friend said, if there is no self-produced movement, I would not buy, he is also very "contempt" ETA and other "universal" movement. I believe that if it is a collection of watchs or super fans, self-produced movement is very important, and is the most important. But Panerai has a weakness, is the movement, first said that Panerai self-produced movement of history is not long, although the brand creation time is relatively long. Panerai was founded in 1860, but such a long history actually has been focused on military production, it is worth mentioning that many products and wrist-related equipment or equipment, such as flashlight, wrist compass and wrist depth measurement, so For the Panerai future into the watch industry laid the foundation. Later, Panerai did for the Italian Navy production of the military watch, but including the movement and Oyster structure, including Rolex's technology and technology, that is, Panerai a long time are not entirely their own set On the watch technology and process system. But now, although Panerai has transition civilian, also has a self-produced movement, such as P.9000 movement. In this case, The P.9000 movement, which was first introduced in 2009, is now the collection of most of the Panerai movement. It is generally used in the Luminor 1950 and Radiomir watches, but the functions are different. Panerai self-produced movement of the replica watches uk history is not long, compared to up to hundreds of years of brand history, but also more than ten years. Specifically, that is, since 2002, Panerai began to produce self-produced movement. In 2005, the Richemont Group to Panerai set up a small factory, specifically for the Panerai to build the movement, the same year for the first time since the production of P.2002, followed by the introduction of the 2003,2004,2005,2006 And other 4 movements, there are some small changes in the movement of other names of the same name as 2002/1. The last two years have launched a new generation of independent movement P.4000, P.5000, etc., which P.5000 for the manual winding movement. Travel accuracy is important? Then the above said, with the self-produced movement, a lot of watch fans will have to pay close attention to at least two indicators, one is the external grinding and decoration process, which is essential as a luxury one of the elements, one is The accuracy of the movement, and movement accuracy in the rolex replica eyes of many people, is the watch's core competitiveness, although the watch is certainly not expensive to buy a look at the time, but the accuracy is often like a heart Results, like a lot of fans in the minds of the lingering speed of some will make my heart feel uncomforwatch, so in their view, travel time accuracy is still very important. For example, the above-mentioned Panerai P.9000 movement, some friends reflect the P.9000 movement is very accurate, the error of about 1 second, but some friends reflect the P.9000 movement travel time error Big. Why is that? Because even if the same movement model, but also because of a variety of reasons caused by performance differences, and, Panerai self-produced movement did not take all the Observatory certification. So, if you want accurate, select the Observatory certification logo of the watch section will be better, but also more expensive. In this case, P.2003 movement is Panerai watch factory designed the first self-winding movement, with up to 10 days of power storage, the dial also has a linear indicator. Third, on the characteristics How important is the look and feel? Saying that Panerai Although the invention of this looks cool crown protection bridge device, but they are useless for a few years not how to use, the specific reason may be because soon Rolex launched a commonly known as "water ghost" Because, after all, seems a bit "clumsy" design of the crown bridge compared to Rolex more capable of waterproofing system, or will give people a little sense of progress is not. Of course, in fact, we do not understand the specific reasons, this is just speculation. However, after the transformation of civilian Panerai, this highly recognizable, distinctive characteristics of the crown bridge system has returned to the people's attention, and by many fans of the rolex replica watches and sought after. In this regard, cousin has always insisted that the evaluation of luxury watches can not be simply the so-called efficiency or progress, we must also take into account the indispensable characteristics and culture. In this case, Panerai LUMINOR series PAM00005, the watch for the manual mechanical movement watch, with date function, stainless steel, brown leather needle buckle strap, waterproof 300m, watch diameter 44mm. No female watch by the sought after? Speaking of appearance, and sometimes indeed more talk about Panerai. We know that Panerai production are all male form, shape "rough tough", watch diameter is large, many are manual winding movement, this should be the men of the pet, but in the popular men and women to wear the moment , Many girls are still conceal the love of this style watch, some people say that girls wear a male shirt is sexy, some people say that women are still very aggressive driving off-road vehicles, although the eyes of men feel different, but undeniable Yes, the girls properly dip the characteristics of boys sometimes unique, not only did not violate sense, there is a distinctive beauty. Beauty Dai Pei satisfied that the sea, which is a style? General comments: In any case, Panerai is still a very prominent personality tabulation brand, get a lot of watch fans love is not without reason. Moreover, since the production of self-movement, Panerai has launched a balance of 10 self-produced movement, these efforts can also be seen as a famous luxury watch brand for their own short-board a face attitude.