Zhang Shusheng: Panerai myth of the burstInternally and externally three classic self-produced core watch recommended

Panerai today has been strong to the same as the Monkey King can do whatever they want, not only to us when the bones of the bone and stick repeatedly, but also the application of the decree of the media to keep silent. This has aroused my heart at the very weak trace of resistance, as personal gains and losses, attend to the. Unless otherwise specified, prices refer to Hong Kong dollars. Brand models are usually marked with PAM00021, for the sake of simplicity, only take the next three 021. Pei fans and VIP have the difference on the extent of poisoning, just to facilitate the expression, and no discrimination. watch altar myth 2000 autumn October, I went to Beijing to participate in an international watch show, I remember Rolex, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, and several other heavyweight brands. Panerai fledgling, but also among a corner, according to test should be the first time in the mainland exhibitors, there was no Chinese translation. In the "Forum Forum" on the booth, I saw a suave and loyalty Zhongyongrong, Mr. Zhong Yonglin, is playing with his Blancpain 7 chain tourbillon. "Watch Forum" is not just the media, was also exhibited as a brand. He told me to pay attention to this big man called Panerai, and explained to me the past life and life of the Italian navy watch. This replica watches uk is the first time I have long talks with Mr. Chung, his exhortation though earnest, but I do not have thick black hairs slender wrist or could not hang this big torpedo. As late as 2002, I only purchased the first Panerai. After a few years each year, never stopped, and never sell, the number is in addition to Patek Philippe than the second brand, has been considerable. As for the recommended referral friends to get started, it is countless. The end of last year, after a friend introduced me to get acquainted with a character unrestrained super talkative Pei fans. The first sentence of my dear friend asked me how many only Panerai, not deep contact watch friends, this has always been my taboo privacy. Such as the implementation of the answer it would think I bragging, to get rid of a zero bar Panerai disrespectful, had to listen to his brighter future. When he said, "Today in the store just know now Panerai most Niubi movement is the United States resistant to China," I Chouzhun opportunity to inadvertently say that I have nine US-resistant movement of Panerai, He was surprised to eat not small, is talking about the big mouth suddenly freeze-frame, for a long time did not close ... ... slow to God to a slap on my shoulders, I became my friend, is the text of this article Important broke the material. A Richemont Group from 1997 to join the rebirth of the rolex replica Italian brand only Nirvana (of course I know that is the original 1860), only a few huge solemn simple shell-shaped, little features of the movement, just over a decade of others More than a hundred years through the road, as the much-anticipated brand, is indeed a myth. I am the witness of this myth, but also very few share of the founders, in addition to crazy to buy, Panerai several models of the auction record is still maintained by me. A few years ago, my alma mater's School of Business Administration to my company to recruit MBA case, but I did not hesitate to recommend the Panerai, and personally write a brief outline, so that students can not afford to watch the goal of struggle . Panerai looks reasonable price, production is limited, hands-off, no loss, individual models can be premium or even stir-fried. On this point, a lot of a hundred years old left behind, as the auction site of the winning division. If you want to make petty profits, Panerai models are a lot of small as, but the real myth class, is not too much, just flexor into the fist: 1 1997 Special Edition 021, platinum Rolex movement, limited to 60, asking price 200,000, Mr. Chung said he was also a discount. After such as runaway, just a few years, went straight to millions. Is still strong; 2 in 2005 203, Angelus eight chain steel watch movement, limited to 150, remember that the pricing is 14 million. The highest auction record has been 800,000. Is still high hovering; 3 2011 composite material eight chain 339, limited 1500, pricing small 110,000, 2011 Sotheby's Hong Kong autumn auction Lot3506, even commission HK $ 325000, almost three times the price. After the fall; 4 2011 copper watch 382, ​​limited to 1000, priced 80,000 succeed. 2012 Sotheby's Hong Kong Spring Lot2212, HK $ 212500, more than double the premium. After the fall; 5 2011 52mm chronograph 300, limited 99, priced more than 270,000, 2012 Sotheby's Hong Kong autumn auction Lot2191, even commission HK $ 437500, almost twice the price. Not yet a second shot. The first myth really can not be copied, when the calendar peak chairman Johann Rupert to less than 1 million US dollars to buy the entire Panerai, the 60 021 immediately recovered the cost. Finally, a myth, it is created by my placards, October 8, 2012 Sotheby's Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition in the rolex replica watches auction site, almost at the same time the hammer, I received the bad news of the death of Master Chung, immediately rejection of the license to leave. watch altar today, the new watch, the reseller can make money on the basic only Patek Philippe and Panerai individual models, Patek Philippe is a century-old shop has its own secrets, and Panerai short 10 years have this success, real Is a myth. Ancient mythology is not created by God, but the original ancestors based on their own understanding of the limitations of the natural phenomenon of the lack of scientific basis for the illusion of a seemingly plausible explanation, is the spirit of masturbation. In other words, Pei 's myth is not created by Panerai, but Pei - fan based on the lack of awareness of the operation of the brand, in the process of playing watch gradually generated a variety of whimsical and conventional set of norms and fuzzy criteria. The reason why the myth is widely circulated is because it can be justified, no flaws, difficult to question. However, in recent years, the brand is in the myth of the cover, the eagerness to misappropriating money, and means to gradually open from the hidden, from deceive the sea to the fire of the war, their own veil myth.