Zhang Shusheng: Panerai myth of the burst

Myth of the flaws Panerai since the addition of Richemont produced after all the limited watchs, but there are limited and a limited time points. It can be said that the limit is the soul of Panerai, and the soul of the soul is the credit, but why Panerai missing is this. In addition to Rolex, all brands have been limited. But in addition to Panerai, no one has doubts about the authenticity of the limit. Myth of the flaws in the first letter in the letter. Limited expansion or disguised expansion of the watch altar taboo, but Panerai on the taboo. Remember in mind, Propei fans of the four kings: the 2002 limit of 1950 only 1950, 217 in 2005 limited to 1000, the 2006 limit of 1938 only 232, 249 in 2006 limited to 1936 only. In fact, over a thousand limit for the high-end watch is a bit of a joke nature, but that is the golden age of Panerai, published in the year was sold out. How to do? Well-end market is not out of goods, anxious 呀! Of course, nothing can be difficult to live Panerai. While Pei fans are busy Daoteng second-hand, the four kings were actually out of the replica watches uk second round, respectively, exactly the same thing, only in the back of the watch before the limited number with the word OOR. I asked numerous Pei fans, what is OOR? Almost unanimous: Out Of Range. In addition to the four kings, at least there are sixteen models played OOR, 164 or even as much as 170. Here, I can seriously tell the innocent Pei fans, this trick OOR, in fact, Out Of Regulation - illegal! In my eyes, as long as more than a limited edition, this watch is a fake watch, all OOR are false form, the brand personally made the fake! I am surprised that this serious challenge to limit the rules of the loss of strokes, playing for so many years, not only no one to denounce, anti-OOR to buy proud of, is dare not speak or was hit morphine needle? Since Pei fans so indulgent, and later, OOR is too troublesome, it wants to increase directly. Such as the 60mm Egyptian army watch 341, SIHH said the limit of 250, orders flocked to the final increase to 500, resulting in not yet sold out has been below the price. There Composite 339, the original 1000, the last 1500. The most memorable is the self-proclaimed after the color Variety of copper watch 382, ​​first 500, said after 750, the last 1000. Therefore, the advice of the media, the first time in the SIHH hear the brand reported the first oral limit, do not rashly announced, so as to avoid being deceived Pei fans microphone. Myth of the madness Light is the language of the flaws, not enough to make myth drastic. In addition to words without confidence, juggling Propei fans, as well as possession of the replica watches exposed Yinzhao, specifically to deal with thin skinned as onion skin VIP, on the surface is a willing to play a willing to suffer, the essence is line and shameless. God wants him to perish, it must first make it crazy. And look at the crazy interpretation of the myth - 2011 has a new face, it can be said to have never met the old face, is the Prototype surface 373, self-produced movement, asking more than 30 million without a discount, limited to platinum has never been 199. If the United States resistant to China movement, pricing is reasonable. More unscrupulous, limited edition has not yet sold out, immediately released the appearance of almost no difference between the steel watchs 425 and 449, face a few can be really only 425 discount after more than 40,000. As we all know, Platinum Edition is reserved exclusively for the VIP, pretending not to ordinary Pei fans sales. The same thing only metal, the price difference of more than 6 times, not a brand so dare to price, can be predicted, VIP exclusive 373 only on the safe waiting for depreciation. On the VIP laughing knife, is Panerai consistent philosophy. 4e5e7c500fad6aa26707eff65555af4d PAM00425 F240554c43a5c7e510ba058ef9c30674 PAM00449 Another example, few people know that the brand has been out of California, the United States resistant to China movement 387, although the limited only 10, but do not fine, forget the 9-bit small second hand removed, lost California Original flavor. Priced to an unprecedented 540,000, a small three-pin simple watch to sell the code bit, you can apply for the Guinness Book of Records. Since it is a super reward VIP, it should not be nearly 200,000 premium. Patek Philippe it, for the VIP to do a special edition will never be particularly fare increases, and the basic version of the basic flat. Bought never regret, sold absolutely make money. Of course, there are not eligible to sell to buy, it is something. Do not think that 387 is only 10, I bet, this masterpiece made public, after all, who would dare to come up with the auction if not loss next year SIHH I pay the survivors of the watch to the main trip to Geneva. This year's snake watch 842, is also reserved for the VIP, priced more than 190,000, I know a few uncle has been constantly receiving reminder phone. In fact, the Lunar New Year watch has long been below the price, but the limit has been increasing. In 2009 the big bull limited edition is 12, in 2010 the rolex replica Tiger turned into 25, 2012 Chinese dragon has reached 50, this year's water snake is unprecedented 100. At the same time, the price also with the number of stairs. I would have liked to make a mini-zoo each year. But Panerai's limited philosophy is: not the most, only more. I set to a reincarnation I am afraid to break through the 1000 limit, with this limited to preferential VIP, equal to the college students back to the kindergarten. D71dc1cbf001856544200ecc138ef795 PAM00842 - Positive 988bcf6f4e7d91f8f96576c9439fb69e PAM00842 - The watch is open There is also a very chic and moving director. 2012, a new case Radiomir 1940, 398 is a red gold and steel 399, the United States resistant to China movement, each limited to 100. Jun US shell core, moving a moment, but the price will not be polite. Understand people know that the steel has speculation, red gold is tasteless. Brand IQ, of course, not lower than you, so the 50 to form the same number of 50 pairs tied to the first misappropriating, Sheng Hui more than 60 million. I think the real VIP phase is only more than 20 million fresh and elegant 399, but you have to pay 40 million wife39s also married, gave us a very vivid moral class. If you have enough speculation, of course, think of selling 399 to make up for the loss of red gold 398, so the brand decided only two watchs with a box, to whom are not suiwatch to keep you suffocated. Really should be the "Song of Everlasting Regret," the eternal masterpiece: the day is willing to make Biyan Yi, willing to even branches in the land. Forever and sometimes do, this hate endless rain.