Zhang Shusheng: Panerai myth of the burst

It is expected that the remaining 50 independent red gold 398 will continue to 忽悠 do not see the "fashionable time" VIP who, if the magazine circulation is large enough, too late to escape the 398 will become slow-moving tourbillon, VIP for the promotion of stepping stone. The remaining 50 stainless steel 399, most of the brand to their friends set aside, but not a few with the VIP affinity. Why is red gold instead of steel for VIP? I said, specializes in killing large customers! This example can also be kept down, anyway, is the VIP on the kill, caught a count, unknowingly evenly slaughtered a generation of master Zhong Yonglin head. Master of this period of quite unbearable experience and feelings, wrote in his magazine "Watch Forum" in July 2012 issue of the first language, away from the master only three months. For the well-known reasons, he did not name, but placed in the editorial, which shows its weight. In this full-text re-recorded master of this passage: ... ... written a few days ago received a notice, I set a certain "special" watch also, let me take. This watch I paid three into a deposit, which is the swiss replica watches first time to pay for the set watch set, the heart has a sense of strange, it seems the brand of this form of sales is not quite confident. Hundreds of thousands of forget it, will check sent in the past. watch to now, but also to the end of over a million Hong Kong dollars. If you do not deposit, I will lose 500,000; if taken back, according to the same watch now market trends, if I want to sell I will lose more than 1 million. Even if you do not get rid of their own "chicken food put light insects," knew it under the gnawing a poison. Enveloped the body of the lost melancholy, it is not the text can be described. Although, can set the terms of payment, "collapsed" is the ineviwatch right of innocence. But as I have to face the people, can make a move people do things? This article was a watch altar uproar, in fact, I have guessed that is 365. Many people asked whether Mr. Pan refers to Panerai, the master is really very conservation, full of complaints still Panerai short-lived, Yigu avoidance. So a friend urged me to inquire about the actual situation. Masters of my never fortified, not only because we are friends, mainly because I grew up practicing muzzle secretly, tight-lipped, a lot of a million to seal fees may not be able to cover their own things, even if free of charge into my ear is equal to Mud cattle into the sea. However, to the master has been unable to expose the truth today, I feel obliged to tell the truth for him. 365 is undoubtedly Mr. Zhong Paneraihai collection of the most expensive garbage, in 2011 SIHH for the first time to see this only "the most complex navy watch" when he gives the evaluation is: "redundant function, flashy, movement completely High-tech, impersonal. "But later the brand of soft and hard to master" to the point of face "to set an example to drive sales frenzy, 鋻 self-evident implicit, Mr. Zhong to give in, but this time the master to face did not establish Positive example. More vicious, the brand also requires the case must be engraved with the replica watches uk name of the main watch. The name of the master clock engraved, perhaps for this garbage by color, if my name engraved, is equivalent to call me forever can not be changed, was forced to leave my son. Wow! Save for the next generation? Do you think you are Patek Philippe? Do you think my son's taste is so bad? Mr. Zhong ten years of hardships for the Panerai wave flags, and real money without discount to buy a considerable number of their favorite or not like the Italian navy watch, for the brand in the Greater China (and the world) to the rapid rise of the Huge and irreplaceable contribution, I do not understand why Panerai also sharpened, En will be reported! Mr. Chung for me smile, stealing money is small, but was first received deposit to his reputation in the watch altar, equivalent to fan in his face in public, but can not think of people who took up a slap in the face of his ten years as their own Out of the adopted son! This Biequ melancholy, but also a loss of 1 million can be compared? My fellow citizens, Patek Philippe has been a mighty bar, even for you a special custom watch, you heard about to receive a deposit? So I sincerely goodwill advice to complacency of the super VIP who stare from the male, guests on Panerai tangible and intangible contribution to the Greater China no one can par with the bell master, but is such a gentle and humble gentleman, but also carry The sick footer in the hospital to write such a bloody text with tears, we would also like to be grateful to look forward to Panerai for us to describe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! Zhong really is the prime minister magnanimous, such a thing if the stalls to a Qiyu imposing VIP body, I do not know to scream to what extent! Brand on the 365 customer acceptance must have a hundred reasons, but the deposit of all the world can be closed, close bell master, apparently less than considered, more harm than good. Fortunately, this time, Mr. Zhong, most people can not. Only to the master of this level, Panerai will make this ruthless strokes. The higher the position, Zhande the more ruthless, this is Panerai crazy! In fact, the general Pei fans of money, the brand has earned pours, the number of the world is still not a hundred super fans, there is no need to open Xuepentaikou. The original good end of a Pei fans, once unfortunate reduced to VIP, will be Panerai door knock dogs, double exploits, black and blue, but also muddle the brand nodded grateful, incidentally to our wisdom and then humiliate some. This is also the success of Panerai, Pei fans already become a rich culture of the concentration camp Ah Q. In the past, of course, I was VIP, but since the 2007 Tourbillon came out, my identity on the suspicious. Because I repeatedly declined tourbillon and slow-moving red gold platinum, status plummeted. Although I feel that the position in the watch altar is still unshakable, but in the minds of the brand, I have already been some only buy a tourbillon watch (but still can not find the tourbillon installed where) beyond the character, listen to Up to ridiculous, but it is true. Today, the Tourbillon has become the Panerai VIP stepping stone. What you want to buy rare goods, in the store or agent point to find grandfather grandmother to discuss a look of dull, do not be angry, apart from anything else take a brush tourbillon brush, immediately got his wish. Do not believe you try to ensure that 100 per beat. Unfortunately, became VIP, is the rolex replica beginning of the tragedy. A few days ago into a suicide network chat group, see a suicide document, detailing a variety of self-defeating way, down a breath of air also with a post: first buy a Panerai Tourbillon, one night Fame VIP, go up is the slaughterhouse ... ... Despite the current Panerai quite critical, in fact, I miss the previous Panerai. Prior to this year's SIHH, love and hate still feel lucky, not yet into grief for the text. I say this is not hypocritical, in January this year, I alone in Geneva, worn on the hands of the only watch is the Panerai 189. But unfortunately, came to Panerai in front of, but why not let into, this is something that has not happened in previous years, some brands I do not want to see but I dragged into the "comments." And later met in the staff canteen fairly familiar brand of public relations, she said today to die, look at it tomorrow, but the next day in the venue and so on for a day, Yao, such as yellow crane. With me to wait for a media celebrity Duo Ge indignantly to fight for me, I was Quanzhu. Is not a public relations block it? Do not be angry. In SIHH, only I do not want to enter the door, I really can not enter the door, this is my uninterrupted ten years to participate in SIHH built up self-confidence. Finally, I still own the context of the identity of the VIP to justifiably "mixed" into, and see all the products, including the media does not disclose the 521 and 522. Out of the Panerai, I sadly off his wrist 189, came to the bar alone, at a loss to call a glass of champagne ... ... I am really sad, this year's new products, can be said to Panerai set " No letter "," line and shameless, "" Juezai large "all the culprit of the culmination of the report performances, and write the final crazy. - Speechless, who remember in 2011 SIHH, 382 in a screaming debut, the brand announced a limited oral 500, 1:00 Luoyang paper expensive, competing to book. The end of 2011 the first copper watch bang when the floor and found the limit has quietly rose to 1000, Pei fans outcry. Brand immediately come forward to announce (there are several magazines have posted this message): Please be assured that 1000 is not much, because the future is no longer a copper watch. This commitment is equal to Pei fans a shot of blood, so in April 2012 set a HK $ 212000 auction myth. However, the blood effect of chicken has not faded, this year's SIHH has landed another copper watch 507, again limited to 1000, flew to give you a needle and stability. I suspect that the ancestors Panerai uncle has a doctor's license, leaving a variety of strange effects of injection, free transfer Pei fans emotions. - line and shameless, last year a pair of new faces 398 and 399, because Radiomir 1940 is the first appearance, pricing exaggeration also reluctantly endure. The real wicked is that last year, the baby has not yet delivered, this year a group of 1940 side of this section of the watch models such as overwhelming, 512,513,514,515, to give first hope to get 399 to show off some of the VIPs Pudding cold water. 512 pricing is only 60,000, do not know after the first batch of SIHH this year to get that pair of mandarin ducks 398,399 uncle for what to think. Why the brand no later than a year and then out of 1940, so that spent more than 60 million of the VIP first Anshuang year, the surface light, value for money. In the Panerai chamber, I saw the platinum 521 and red gold 522, is a new shell, the Radiomir bezel beat flat like a watch on the back of the bezel, with my son Neixiu satisfied weather, the moment I really like. Then hear 521 offer is 5.9 million euros, I immediately alert up, the same platinum take the United States resistant to China movement, a limited edition of 521 than the limited number of 10 California face 387 priced higher, not to mention another 100 red gold 522 in the side wait. The most terrible is that, according to Panerai rogue practice this year, there must be several identical shell-shaped movement with self-produced steel watch, will not wait to catch the arrival of 521 in 2014 before SIHH on stage, pricing is only 521 One-tenth, so you tears! And I like only the flat bezel Yeah, the United States resistant to China movement I do not have a lot of it ... ... is a small abacus, I was urging the next single, and coffee side, I do not drink coffee , And then on the mineral water and chocolate, I gradually heard the sound of grinding, the neck part of the cold Jiling a bit. My face is also thinner than the clock master, care of my stuff how can we not, even though it is known to be dumb to eat berberine. So here I take the "fashion time" corner of an advertisement: my 521 arrival early next year, pleaded for the transfer. But there are three conditions, first, the transferee is an ordinary Pei fans. Because the VIP has long been eyeing the stores, there are misery, even worse at heart. Second, the original price transferee. Although I know that 521 is not worth the original price, but I have been scarred, pleaded with friends took over, the original price satisfied, do not sprinkle salt on my scars. Third, to the Pan 1 yuan commission to respect the basic rules of the secondary market.