Zhang Shusheng: Panerai myth of the burst

Myths burst Panerai myth is carefully planned by the brand, the media gongs and drums, Pei fans blindly follow the trend and concocted out, but in the above mentioned all sorts of bad behavior, this myth is the brand themselves to break. The core of myth is to preserve and increase the value, although most Pei fans are not necessary to speculation watch. Many people will not sell their houses, but prices are still sensitive to general SARS epidemic. This expectation, while potentially, is deadly, is the glue that binds together. According to my many years removed from the auction research experience, a watch can preserve and increase the value of replica watches being stir-fried, in short, there are three elements: a small number, low prices, fried phase. But Panerai has its own third loss of two: Speaking without confidence, Pei fans feel after all the limited and discontinued the commitment is only a beautiful lie, that a curl of kraft paper at any time may be worthless. Panerai original limit is the soul, this bottom line Shoubuzhu, equal to break the soul of Panerai, no soul of the brand is like the main ghost away from us drifting away. This one, breaking the "small number." Line and shameless, is a thoughtful service with a smile and looks like you are super-exclusive goods under the VIP knife. May wish to recall, the brand is eight children call you to the store credit card precious metals, almost all hands will be eclipsed. This one, breaking the "low price." As for the third point, "fried with" mysterious infinite, intended to be written. Horror is that the current complaint is not an ordinary Pei fans whisper, but the top of the pyramid cry, great harm to Panerai. Every brand is the same, the initial ignorance of the ignorant school children are always step Pei fans of the footsteps, and a large number of Pei fans will look at the top few VIP wink. We contribute to the brand to save points, as is the day to get the peak to get the goods in short supply. But now the replica watches uk situation is that several leaders have been everest in Mount Everest is strongly discouraged also looked up in the mountainside siblings are no longer struggling. The power of example is infinite, the air can be drums and not vent, this tone of a vent, halfway up the cynical who immediately snored down the foot of a mountain, myth was so shattered. In addition, the self-proclaimed movement in recent years is also Pei's myth of a heavy head. Do not modestly say, evaluation movement, I am an expert. Panerai self-produced movement, but also too numerous. Temporarily stop it, otherwise the total royalties will Pan over budget. Based on the myth of disgust, and now some senior Pei fans (not necessarily VIP) fashion collection before the age of the myth (before 1997) ETA movement of the individual prehistoric models, from the original play of a 23 million to three hundred fifty thousand now , Which is a reaction to the modern myth. But the prospect of worrying, once the myth was shattered, the skin does not exist, the hair will be attached. I altar watch can be considered kind of person, I have not hesitate to pen and ink Acura Panerai, it is generous money received Panerai mad, but also created several auction records. From participating in the myth to the end of the myth of the show, the heart of the bitterness is not enough for outsiders, equal to the rolex replica mouth and completely deny the original values. Even at the time of this writing, I am still hesitant to give Pan. Singing bad Panerai, no good for me, my basket of Panerai also waiting for the appreciation of it. The downside is obvious, not only their own collections devalued immediately, then, the brand will put me "double open." After the order does not say, immediately to the young girl 399 also certainly Xiangxiaoyu perish, as a punishment to me, may plug a red gold aunt 398 to me, once again measuring the thickness of my face. Before I write with two familiar watch magazine interview, they do not want to provoke Panerai trouble, fear with SMS declined. I did not expect, Panerai today has been strong to the same as the Monkey King can do whatever they want, not only to us when the bones of bone marrow repeatedly beaten, but also the application of the decree of the media to keep silent. This has aroused my heart at the very weak trace of resistance, as personal gains and losses, attend to the. In the surviving society of democracy, the media's mouth and how can a brand can be sealed? Thank you very much Pan's vision and courage, brand kidnapping media era should be passed! I am still not sublime to plead for the people, but it will not be despicable to dismantle smashing field, I just tell the child wildly Wu Pei a truth: the Monkey King is the original monkey. After the myth burst The so-called myth, that is, has some kind of false nature and make people believe it is true, in sight and can not grasp, to dream come true will be penniless, awakened and then regret that a cold sweat. In other words, the altar watch is not the myth of the watch itself, but attached to the physical kind of animal imagination created by some of the gimmicks and selling points. A24dbccadd04e4377b4833618ec52b1e From left: PAM00339, PAM00398, PAM00399 Therefore, the demise of the myth is not the destruction of the brand, but put out the head of the brand dizzy halo. When the blow off the dream of the bubble, the Panerai is not so abhorrent. I Panpei fans to restore a true picture: Panerai is actually a quartz crisis after the recovery of many brands of mechanical watches one, only less than two decades of history (1860 to 1997, a paragraph is actually not worth mentioning ), Due to adhere to the Italian navy watch style, its character is two or three basic shell-shaped features a single steel watch. Although the use of the myth of the brand packaging itself into a world famous brand (and this point, from the brand PR to the store manager are convinced), but its short history, monotonous product structure, men and women's case, I can Assembly of the movement, and too explicit money-grabbing technology, there is no world famous brand from the long road to go. If we insist to play with this positioning Panerai, could have been very happy, but later mixed into the red gold platinum Tourbillon hollow watch self-produced movement, and the suspected Spring Festival Evening show Zhao Benshan, only reduced our happiness. After the myth burst, blowing bran see rice to restore the true color. To protect the status of rivers and lakes, I will get started with Panerai, but there are a few points and Pei fans encourage each other: 1 need not consider precious metals, are basically poison. Only 021 exceptions, but that is the Rolex movement Yeah, say if the use of steel, certainly more premium. Remember, the steel watch is the true nature of the military watch. 2 47mm hold and hold, try not to get started with other sizes. Because the historical prototype of the naval watch is 47, experience has also proved that the brand will usually put the fresh selling point on the 47 priority. All the creation of the myth of the auction and Pei fans to talk about the basic models are 47, in addition to 44mm 195 and 52mm 300, I can not think of a non-47 models which can bring Pei fans more than a year Of joy. 3 not superstition self-produced movement. On the contrary, Panerai is the exotic movement of the brand to play superb, Rolex, Angelus, ETA and a number of antique chronograph movement to bring a peak to Panerai, so that the movement is difficult to surpass. Good at packaging factory movement, but also a tradition of Panerai. After 2005, this tradition is still not the will of the brand for the transfer, so far only the US-resistant to thriving. 4 watch case new materials. 339 and 382 were fried to prove that innovation and parity of materials will cause Pei fans of the commotion. Unfortunately, the new material development cycle is longer, Pei fans can not be met. 5 Do not believe in limits, the reason is self-evident. In fact, not difficult to see, the first 3 points is the true color of the heritage, the first four points is the material innovation. Inheritance and innovation is always the core value of watches. Above five points is I play Panerai many years to pay the final conclusion drawn by numerous tuition, in this free offer to thank all encourage me to write this article and adventure to provide material Panerai fans!